Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fall 2009 Review

Cameron's three classes this semester were: Akkadian, Targumic Aramaic, and History and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East.

Akkadian focussed mostly on grammar and structure using John Huehnergard's "A Grammar of Akkadian." Cameron enjoyed this class and did well on the weekly quizzes.

Targumic Aramaic definitely consumed most of his time this semester. He under took this class independently with Dr. Stuart. It was Cameron's responsibility to learn the grammar, structure and vocabulary all on his own. The sole grade for this class rested on one final exam in which Cameron had to translate and annotate portions of text of Dr. Stuart's choosing. These texts weren't revealed until Cameron took the exam. Overall Cameron did well on this exam through God's grace.

History and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East was a fun and interesting class. I can say this first hand since I got to audit this class with Cameron. Something I wish we could do more. The texts covered an immense subject and was very thorough: The Ancient Near East Vol. I an II by Amelie Kuhrt and Archeology of the Land of the Bible - 10000-586 B.C.E by Amihai Mezar

Thus, winter is now upon us, time to hit the GCTS sledding hill.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Review Summer Sessions I,II,III at GCTS

Cameron has made it through his second summer at GCTS. GCTS has three summer session, each running about a month long, and this was his first full summer. Summer Session I he took Intermediate Greek. He did fairly well in this class as he labeled Greek: "pretty straight forward".

Summer Session II was an exegesis class: Conquest Narratives. He enjoyed this class but it definitely tested his dedication and focus levels. Since the class was only a month long, he had to read and translate all the material in the first half of the class and focus on writing his paper over the last two weeks.

Summer Session III was the same a session II as he took Old Testament Prophetical Books. This exegesis class again required much focus and dedication. Cameron was mostly in class or in the library full time until dinner. Then he would come home and work at his job 6 to 10 pm.

Overall it was nice that he eliminated three classes over the summer. The downside to this intensified program was that one doesn't get many weekends like the fall or spring semesters to recover sleep or get extra review time in.

Now Cameron and the family are off to enjoy the warm beaches of Florida throughout August to recuperate.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Finishing Up Spring Semester 2009

Well it has definitely been an academic based semester for us. Cameron has been working extremely hard on his classes this semester. Most of his energy has gone into learning Aramaic. He really enjoys taking classes with Prof. Stuart. There is an understanding here at Gordon-Conwell that if one gets an A' in Aramaic then one may take further independent studies with Stuart. Greek II has been straight forward for him and he really likes the Greek TA, Mike Tyndall. Interpreting the NT has been enjoyable and so has Prof. Ciampa.

Exams are coming up so Cameron will be mostly in his own little world studying. Cameron is concerned that all his study time will be put towards Aramaic that he won't have much time for Greek. I'll be sure to have coffee and vegemite sandwiches on hand.

Needless to say, we will be taking a deep sigh of relief after May 4 (last day of exams). We will be celebrate by having a visit from our dear friends Mark and Janet Weller. The four of us are planning a site seeing trip of NYC and Boston. Cameron and I are excited that we have the opportunity to tour some places here on the East Coast.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Gap Jeans

Melissa Tyndall had officially inundated me with a shopping trip to Kittery Maine. Kittery has some cool outlet malls and great prices. Now Cameron and I own our very first pair of GAP jeans.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mid Spring Update!

We are little over half way through the new semester. Cameron is at the end of his second reading week which has allowed him to catch up on much of his 90 Aramaic sentence translations. We have been thanking God for His many blessings as Cameron has been able to get high grades in his classes while working 24 hours a week and maintaing family life.

Recently we were informed that Cameron was able to enroll in all the classes he wants for the fall semester 2009 which are:

Exegesis of Genesis
History an Archeology in the Ancient Near East

Also he will be taking 3 summer courses this year which are:

Intermediate Greek
Exegesis in Conquest Narratives
Old Testament Prophetical Books

Previous classes has take to date are

Survey of Church History (Semlink)
Christian Ethics (Semlink)
Hebrew I
Hebrew II
Intermediate Hebrew
Theology Survey I
Greek I

Currently his is enrolled in (Spring 2009)

Greek II
Interpreting the New Testament

Tonight Cameron and I will be going to a forum for current grad students on what is involved in pursuing a PhD. We are praying about this venture to see if God has this for us after Cam is finished with his MA's. As always, we appreciate all of you who pray for us in God's future and current guidance.

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